IEO Phase ?


The first notable event that will take place on May 15, 2023 is the launch of the presale token LIBRACOL. As noted, this will allow early adopters of the token to make a purchase at a great discount.
Therefore, get 50% or 20% more tokens than the price at the end of the IEO.

This first +50% token launch phase ends on June 15, 2023.

Phases of the IEO

Rules and procedure of the pre-sale:

– If you wish to participate in the pre-sale, simply send the desired amount (Max 20 BNB, Min 0,05 BNB)  to the following address:

Phase 1 (50% more tokens) 0x866B95b7e32721eDB393Ee6De2A857a874E4A8dC

Phase 2 (20% more tokens) 0x4B72D964266aa373e1249f467DADe4Ae56B16c93

– The transaction must be made on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) or BEP-20 from Metamask or another decentralized wallet.


  • Minimum purchase 0,05 BNB
  • Maximum purchase 20 BNB per address.
  • Any amounts exceeding 20 BNB will not give the right to additional LIBRACOL tokens and will therefore be forfeited.
  • Any transaction arriving after 12:00:00 Lisbon time will not allow its author to obtain LIBRACOL tokens and will therefore be lost.
  • The LIBRACOL tokens from the pre-sale will be distributed after the listing and no later than:

    Phase 1: ? 22,   2023
    Phase 2: ?  22,   2023

During the pre-sale, the amount of LIBRACOL tokens will be based on your investment on the basis defined above.

Distribution of collected funds.

Distribution of funds raised during the pre-sale*:

  • 20% of the funds raised will go to the Marketing budget.
  • 80% of the funds raised will go into the initial liquidity for the launch on PancakeSwap.

60% of unsold tokens will be distributed to the community.
40% of unsold tokens will be burned.

The more funds raised during the pre-sale, the higher the introductory price will be.